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What should I buy?

I recently created this list for a friend of mine from Instagram. They had purchased a book called Create Your Life Book, by the amazing Tamara Laporte, and asked for some guidance on what to buy to attempt the lessons.

I did not realise how much I actually had inside my head about supplies! I did not appreciate how it can be difficult to communicate it simply to a pure beginner.

This is an artwork which shows me and my favourite supplies – inspired by a lesson by Andrea Gomoll, from LifeBook

If you have any questions, or would like to see some of these supplies, let me know! I will be happy to assist. I am definitely going to keep working on this list, so I your questions or suggestions would help me too.

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Download a Basic Mixed Media Supply List

Download PDF • 196KB

Download some more generic notes

Download PDF • 161KB

PS: There are many links to websites based in Poland, you can click on them to see what the product looks like if you want

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1 comentario

17 feb 2021

this Art piece is so fun!

I am enjoying your supply list too.

arranging the supplies I have as if I am calling roll call to see who is present.

I do appreciate the colors you mention for people of color.

Finding colors to blend warmer skin tones in my art has been a struggle and challenge and liberating..I feel more at ease seeing your suggestions.I will try them out.

I create skin tone with neon orange, neon yellow and neon pink acrylic paint.

that is how i started.

something about that with acrylic felt like I was painting gold or coppery bronze as a healing balm to love my most vulnerable self.

May many feel at ease that they…

Me gusta
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