• Tamara Sagathevan

Vision Boards, Gratitude and Slak

Today I am exhibiting some gratitude, not because I want to be positive, but because I have experienced gratefulness today.

Grateful for

  1. For my puppy, who made the most creative poo today and it made me laugh and laugh

  2. For my supportive partner - he makes a level 3 sports bra look weak

  3. For completing some of my cool tasks today

  4. The luxury of sleep, and sleeping when I want

  5. Supportive strangers! Thank you y'all [I LOVE THAT SOUTHERN Y'ALL]

More about that vision board:

I have NEVER made a vision board before, every time I was told to, I had some serious reluctance towards it. Now however, I have goals that I am actually excited about, that I want to see. I want to be reminded of them, to have a glimpse of what could be a % if not all of my future.

The cool thing about this board, is that it is 15.5cm x10 cm [Inches 4 x12], and folds into a little booklet. I wanted a smaller vision board to maintain my privacy from visitors [lol, haven't had a visitor since last November?], to not take up wall space I don't have, and also to carry around with my BuJo.

Since we're all peeps here, I feel comfortable showing you it, I just blurred some of the more questionable things I put in there ;)

You can click on the pics to expand, it if you'd like. It is my board, and then my board folded into a booklet, with a very ugly cover I made

I wonder if this board will help keep my goals top of mind. My experience with it so far today?

- Eating cake for breakfast while staring at those pictures of fruit, but feeling ok, coz that choice was not a moral one

- Making sure I finished my snail clay thing so I can move on to the next project. Snail in Afrikaans is Slak

I love my snail, please love it too - haha it's terrible, I love it, but I would not be ok near it if it were real.

Do you use a vision board? Is it useful?

Tamka Out

PS: Thank you for all you lovely souls who have witnessed me and reached out. All your love and good energy back 100 fold.

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