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Curated Art Supplies

In my super out of breath video below:

I mention some supplies that I thought would be a good reflection of my own practise, PLUS encouraging for another artist to receive.

My key takeaways from this exercise:

  • Curating a small selection helped me be clear about what supplies are super important to me (whether I included them [an angle brush] or couldn't [acrylic paint])

  • Curating a selection with someone's circumstance in mind (travel), also made me think harder about what I was doing.

  • Things that are important to me, in my art practise, whether in action or aspirationally is sketching, and having a place to put ideas!

  • I really do love bright colours

  • I challenged myself with the bag (painting on fabric), and the "deadline" aspect of having it ready, ensured I did it, and couldn't agonise over the mistakes (the big splotch on top ;)

  • It forced me to get creative a create a little palette, something which will now flow into my own practise as I dabble with outside painting more

I cannot recommend trying this enough! It doesn't have to be a gift, but I do think that the art of gift giving is a super satisfying one!

Supply List:

  • Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip, Black

  • Fabre Castell - Pitt Pen 136 Purple Violet

  • Lineo - Angle Brush No. 6

  • Arteza Gouache - Pastel Purple, Pastel Cheese Puff, Bright Hot Pink, Bright Lime Green

  • Talens - Sketchbook

  • Liquitex - Paint Pen in Teal

  • Fabre Castell - Duo Pencil Blue and Red

  • Junk Journal - Made out of old tea box and art

  • Chopsticks

If you decide to give it a try, please let me know how you found the experience?

Peace Out


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1 comentario

01 jun 2023
  • Fabre Castell - Duo Pencil Blue and Red is a pencil I used to use as a critic in a role lonlong ago.I hope to use this in art sometime!

  • Liquitex - Paint Pen in Teal I have this same exact one!😍😍

I am so curious how guache is by Arteza Gouache

that is on my to buy list as my next purchase,,,,

I watched this youtube episode

like it was a

"what's in my bag?" episode of marie claire except instead of fashionista vision it was artistA vison.

sending love!

yeaaaaaa you can😉 put videos on your blog yeaaaa

Me gusta
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