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Rajiv Surendra

Today I would like to share the joy that is Rajiv Surendra

Last week, the algorithm, introduced me to Rajiv Surendra. I can't tell you the joy it gives me to see this person live his most joyful creative life. He is an experience.

During my video binge, he encouraged me to write a letter. I don't really remember when last I wrote an actual letter [not a note] and posted it. So I wrote to mummy dearest, it was such a trip; writing a letter - it put me in some soft dimension, where I felt more immersed, where my words fell with clarity, and I could somehow see her throughout the ages at once.

Rajiv, who is also an actor [and potter, artist, book binder, calligrapher, singer etc etc etc] threw himself into getting the main role for 'Life of Pi', and at the last moment didn't get it. He was crushed, but eventually stopped being so, and has written a book around that experience. What I like about the book is that it isn't some, 'BUT THEN THIS BETTER THING HAPPENED TO ME", it is more of 'shit happens, keep living' - which I feel is the more realistic message to give to people.

What was more pleasing to see [and hear], is that he narrates the Audiobook for Life of PI. I have fallen asleep at the foreword 3 times, because his voice, to me, is a dream.

I hope you will check him out :)

Tamka Out!

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