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One Year On

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

It's been 1 year since I resigned from my workplace, which if you haven't gathered as yet - was as fun as a barnacle stuck on ones balls.

I always thought I would be like the infamous "Z", one day, after a particularly vigorous micromanaging and belittling session, Z calmly said "I am going out for lunch" and just never came back! Z had left this video open on the company laptop - legend.

But me? Nah, I just wrote a letter, using "dears" and "thank you's". When the day of torment was over (because even resigning means drama in that place), I did a sketch, showing this moment. I wanted to paint it, but a year ago I did not have the emotional bandwidth, let alone the skills to render my sketch.

One year later, and I felt it would be fitting to try and paint the sketch in my journal, and honestly - a lot has changed for me, first I have better skills, and second, the emotional element has changed. I am now able to see it as me taking back my glow, vs. holding my resignation paper out to them as dim hope, I am able to see these people I drew as more light AND Shadow. Also the entity that enables and encourages them to be this way in the background; all the best -iscms and schisms that rule South Africa, this world.

I pushed and got out another video today, because it really felt important for me to do that, you can watch it here.

And even more fun (haha where is the humility?), I have added some digital downloads for any mixed media or curious readers. I REALLY wanted to do something cool and fun to commemorate this day. Please grab it here.

Thank you for reading, all my love to you on this day, Tamka Out!

Effy Wild Blog Along Sept 2021 - come along?

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