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Noticing Progress

Today I asked myself if I could notice my progress PLUS what I was doing wrong, sort of a 4th perspective kinda thing.

And while I answered a question, for my art coach, about how I know when an 'idea' for a painting is done, I thought it was a cool snapshot of my then and now. If you want to read it, I have included it below, maybe you can identify yourself in some of the stages, or beyond. Be warned, it is a very wordy table - unrefined.

I forgot about this painting in my junk journal, it's about 9 months old. Cue the need to notice vs. berate. I spent some time redoing the inside the flap/square inside them, and noticed how I knew they were not finished - with confidence.

Will show you the square flap tomorrow, I think it needs 1 more thing!

If you wanted to see, here is the; Table of 'Progress' - when executing an art idea/concept

Small steps

Thank you for reading, Tamka Out

Effy Wild Blog Along Sept 2021 - come along, it's fun, even though my post above isn't - haha!

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