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New Moon New Me...

The new moon approaches and I am hoping that with the nights cooler and mosquito free, I will be able to take full advantage of this beautiful time of the month, for the first time in what feels like forever. Since I heard this song , I recall it every new moon.

The lyrics and tune are simple and catchy:

"New moon, new me, I am planting my seeds, new moon, new me, new energy" Fia

One of my little darlings, that I painted this week

This summer has been hard, in a different kind of way compared to last year. It has been an assault on the senses, and I am not sure if city living has really gotten that bad, or if my body is more adamant about the peace it needs. I cannot wait for the calm of Autumn and the deep sleep of Winter. I feel it in my bones, that this new moon is the opening to a new chapter of calm *touches wood...wonders if laminate board counts as wood*

Today I finally published my YouTube video! It went from a vlog, to a short 4 minute time-lapse. It's definitely the start of something cool for me. Doing it unlocked my memories of why I started studying for a BA in Multimedia, I had a desire to make music videos, and comedy videos. Slowly but surely, that was all hacked away - but here I am 16 years later, with access to knowledge and resources that I could not imagine back then.

If you feel so inclined, you can watch my video here:

The auto-generated subtitles have just one error - which is awesome

You know, I often feel like I am 'behind and delayed'. Today however, I feel like I am totally on time - today I trust that goodness is all on time for me, and my work.

Tamka Out!

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