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I never thought intuitive art would be such a big part of my work - but it is, and I am definitely all the better for it. Before I started pushing into my art practise, I would feel a bit bogus to assign anything I created a meaning, especially when those things were increasingly being made intuitively.

A part of me felt, geez, isn't painting it good enough, now I have to actually understand what this means? My art coach (wisely) still asked me to have a go, and I was surprised how things clicked, how I just knew when it was what it was or when I was reaching - and very quickly the feeling of "bogus" fell away. In fact it is now almost integral for me to understand what it is to close the feedback loop. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes I know while I am fine-tuning the painting, and sometimes the meanings soften as time takes away the sting.

This being came out last night. Wizened, slightly scary, 3rd eye open but sleepy. The Gatekeeper, the metaphorical one, who guards the magical opening to worlds we so desperately want to enter. It's a person, it's a collective, it is most certainly there. I feel like this Gatekeeper has forgotten what it was like to be inexperienced and excited. Forgotten what effect it has, if it just turns all its eyes upon you for a second.

Tamka Out...

The Gatekeeper

Effy Wild Blog Along Sept 2021 - come along for the blog along?

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