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Drawing Pouty Whimsical Lips - Downloadable Guide

This week I decided to rewrite my personal notes on whimsical lips, but realised it all may be better as an e-mail, which then evolved into a blog post, which morphed into PDF guide on how to draw whimsical/fantasy lips.

Please download the guide here:

Download PDF • 262KB

You can also watch me fill it in on IGTV, or read below for some short walk-through and snips

• Print the entire instructional worksheet, or just the pages relevant to you, they contain:

- A guide on how I draw lips using shapes

- A set of 12 different lips that you can draw around, fill in etc.

• You can follow the guides on a piece of paper so you can get an idea of how the cross hairs and shapes work

My filled in sheet

• After seeing and trying the different lip shapes on offer, you may decide that lip shape 1 (lips 1) or Lip shape 9 (lips 9) is more what you're looking for/trying to achieve in your drawing, go to the page named after the specific lip you want print it (or print all) and let your practise begin

• I am going to do Lips 10, I will fill it in with different lines and curves to try and build a mouth I like


• Play with different curves and openings and create either; the perfect mouth you want to replicate when you draw, or a set of mouths you want to use as a guide for the future

•The guide marks are on the worksheet so when you draw if you replicate the guide marks, and then reference your library you should get the same result

• The guide can also be used just to develop muscle memory for drawing certain shapes (if you repeat the practise)

• Or you can use it as an exploratory exercise to understand how different shapes and lines make different lip shapes

• If you just want to have some fun, you can print the prompt list and your favourite set of lips and get to filling them in and testing new ways to shape and form your lips

My finished sheet 10, using each of the prompts

So there you have it, my guide on drawing whimsical lips and practise sheets.

I hope you find it useful!

Please contact me if you have any queries, or want some other lip shape guidelines, I would love to help if you need it! While you're here consider subscribing, it motivates me and will make sure that you will hear about any new exercises, art or posts I create. You can also find me on Instagram!

Until then, take care


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perfect thank you!


Feb 24, 2021

I am excited to draw patterns in the lips,just like your loving partner did.I also feel inspired to draw "lips that I know library" from far family members I miss...may be from photo albums.I watched the IGTV video on your ig and I loved it.I think I remember briefly learning to draw lips from Jane Davenport's book "Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces: A Mixed-Media Portrait Workshop" I found it a fun way to draw lips.I took forward to exploring your guide when I draw portraits within the season.😍

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