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Dog Breath and Lovefests

Oy! I am behind the blog challenge, by two days.

And what a beautiful two days they have been

On Thursday, my partner returned home, after the first over night journey from home in almost 1 and a half years. What for me was meant to be a time of productivity and silence, just felt odd and a little bit sad.

The one benefit of being alone, my dog finally expresses his love (?) for me. When my partner is away, I suddenly become THE object for affection. Felek (my dog) can suddenly cuddle me, kiss me, and he even sleeps with me - back pressed against mine. He will even go as far, as to let me, lowly-undeserving-bastard-of-the-ages-me, smell his breath!

It smells like butterscotch and daisies...

He has a general air of sadness and the odd air of grumpy

Friday was spent working relentlessly on making a pop-up book; which is rude and pointless! It is such a wonderful exercise, it takes some thinking, tinkering and imagination to get the mechanisms to function, and it all very exciting when it works.

Saturday was spent having a love fest, the 3 of us [dog makes 3], walking in the rain and enjoying nature, eating some warm food, spending time together, watching trash tv and napping in a big pile.

Then last night, I remembered...I did not blog, for 2 nights...but I was so loved up, I let it slide, and vowed to catch up on blogs this morning, and my writing today.

So this was a pretty life-updaty post - but it can't always be about art, and my growth, and the hard stuff. Sometimes, it really is just this; that I am super happy, in my warm little bubble, with my two favourite entities and that is a beautiful and useful thing to put into the world too.

Tamka Out

Effy Wild Blog Along Sept 2021 - come along, it's fun!

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