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Brain Fog Day

A very hazy brain day, where the most I can do is pack away the weeks work and clean up my desk.

Today as I pushed in the last few pieces of paper from this week, into it's special wooden box, I realised that it was now full. A really satisfying feeling.

Picking out some of the cards at random, it sure is cool to see that while most are background type/abstracty pieces, I can STILL remember the emotions, and happenings around that week attached to the piece in my hand. I mean I do have a good memory, and I journal a lot, but these add a different flavour to the whole affair. I think I may share some next week.

I even forgot about this little guy - which I made during a week where I had a bad case of brain fog...

Hey little guy!

It occurs to me, that my satisfaction of filling a box with art, it is also based on the arbitrary size of the box. If the box was smaller I would have felt satisfied earlier, if larger, satisfaction later. I think it would have been the same level of satisfaction in both those scenarios, as for once, I wasn't even aiming to have it filled. If that was the aim, I probably would have "achieved" it a while ago, bulldozing my way through, with less joy, and surely less variation between pieces.

I am sure there is some life lesson in there...maybe not, sometimes things are just a box - and brains are fuggy muggy.


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