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Jams: Journal, Traffic, Rose, Lofi

Today was a day for jams.

Lofi Jams

I started off making my own LoFi mix, which was incredibly relaxing. If I am not listening to the same audiobook, repetitive ambient music is my thing. I spoke to my little brother about making a relaxing animation for it, so that I have my own thing to listen to repetitively. I asked for a little jamming turd *oh the many desires of my heart*

Traffic Jams

I saw a friend from South Africa complaining about Traffic today. It got me thinking about all the time I spent in traffic jams to and from work. Waking up at 4am, for a job that started at 8am...madness, all madness. Still, believe it or not, there are some things I do miss about the commute; seeing everyone dancing in their cars on a Friday night to the same music mix on the radio, the beautiful landscape and flatness of the veld, the ritual, and also the smell of the Jacaranda trees when they bloom in September. I miss home.

Rose Jam

I got us a jar of rose jam a few weeks ago to make pączki, which by the way - were...amazing. Today I just had the strongest craving for Rose Jam. I saw the jar of jam on the table, I knew it had been out there for a long ass time. Still I opened it...*gags in curious*

Here is my cute Felek. It's not a compliment that he wants those pączki, he wants everything he can't have - what a d**k.

Journal Jam

I tried a new thing with Effy Wild and her crew today, called Journal Jam. It was an experience way out of my comfort zone, and I enjoyed it.

Technical Jams

Tamara Laporte is running her 2022 Life Book Taster sessions this week. This is the course that pushed me leaps and bounds and introduced me to the amazing teachers I now have. It changed my life, and I may never stop singing its praises.

That aside, Tam had technical issues today, and so did Effy on her journal jam. When it happened, my stomach clenched into a tight knot. In fact I didn't even know how anxious it all made me, until I sat down to write this. Somehow I was expecting some big explosion from somewhere and for someone to scream and shout, or be sarcastic, to exclaim that this was unacceptable. You know what happened instead? People were kind, courteous, Tam sent a message, Effy had a smoke. I am sure they were stressed, but that stress did not turn outwards and lash the people who dared witness a technical difficulty.

It raised a big red flag for me, about the extent of trauma I have received from that place called work. If the internet went down, or there was a tech issue, there was no calm reaction to be had - sometimes the feedback would have political and racial is that normal?

Oh my I love this new world I have entered, where shit happens and people are decent, and have perspective.

Tamka Out!

Effy Wild Blog Along Sept 2021 - come along?

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